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Combining original styles that cater to the dynamic woman, the hustler. Whether she is at home, work, or simply enjoying her leisure. Giving the right to be sensual or reserved when she wants, VINTAGE VOA brings a city feel within different eras - from bold trenches, vibrant contemporary blouses, to utilitarian jumpsuits.

Being raised culturally influences who I've evolved into as a woman. My style has been characterized as a reflection of my own personal development throughout different stages of my life; motherhood, self love, and dedication to my work aesthetics are uniquely represented... An evolution from my mother's own creative sense of beauty through style. What inspires me the most is telling my story through timeless articles of clothing that are full of life, colours, sparkle, and textures. I hope my passion will inspire and empower the next women to do the same. 

               photographed by Charde 
 ig : @shesintothefuture